Partners in Planting

Because no one has ever truly gotten somewhere alone, we would like to mention (and thank) our friends:

UCSD Center for Sustainability Science, Planning and Design- a major partner in helping to expand scientific literature into communicable knowledge for the community. You can find more information on their webpage:

Food 2 Soil- one of our working partners; they share space within our community garden. They have built a network of community composting hubs including food scrap drop-off networks. There is more information on what they do at:

San Diego Food System Alliance- a collaborative and advocacy group promoting equitable food systems in San Diego. Their webpage is:

San Diego Community Garden Network- a network of all the community gardens in S.D. If you would like to learn more, check out their webpage:

Inner City Athletic Program- one of our newest partners who are committed to decreasing childhood obesity through athletics. Currently we are collaborating to bring kids to the garden on a weekly basis to discuss and demonstrate the science and nutrition (as well as the physical exercise) of gardening. Their webpage is:

And lastly; Girl Scout Troop (Troop # 4044)- they are responsible for assisting us on numerous projects including creating a raised bed, planting their own plot, and the creation of the kid’s corner.



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