Harvest and Recipes

Turnip for delicious news and recipes based on the fruits and vegetables we are cultivating right here in the garden! Along with postings of what we will and what we are harvesting from with our community, we will also post tasty recipes for unique dishes perfect for the yield you’ve just brought home! Lettuce get cooking and keep it snap-pea!_DSC2953

posted: June 1st, 2018

Fruits of Our Labor 

One of the best things about working in a garden? The food. Undoubtedly, the feel of the earth between your hands and the laughs and feel of working together for the community is truly heartfelt and wonderous. But who doesn’t love seeing hard work pay off in something you can taste?

The plus side is the garden has a wonderful bonus for delivering delicious and bountiful fruits. A balanced basket is a beautiful one! Stop by on Saturday from 9-11am and join us! Once the gardening is done, feel free to grab a few goodies on your way home 🙂

Sunflower joys

posted: July 14th, 2018

Autumn’s Falling

We didn’t bring in what has become our usual: a haul hefty enough it could make a few people carry the basket. But our lovely tomatoes didn’t disappoint and gave us a beautiful array of colours (plus their delicious taste!) They fell off the vine easily and posed for their first portrait that reminds us even in the heat of summer, falls not too far off. (A couple of eggplants and late-bloomer strawberries also joined the group.)

The tomatoes are the stars of our first recipe item! If tomatoes aren’t your thing, this is the perfect starter (as you work your way up to eating them like apples!) They can mix in perfectly to many foods: leave them whole or chop them up and mix into salads. Or even cut them up and sauté them with additional veggies and pesto sauce for a lovely addition to pasta! They are even a great breakfast food, I especially enjoy slicing them up and adding them to my eggs! Small for ease, but full of yum yum yum. No other foods needed if you love tomatoes: pop a few in your mouth and go like Mr. Bill!

Tomatoes Galore!

posted: July 28th, 2018

Beet it up!

We had an overflowing harvest today, thanks to the beets who were just beeting at the bush to be pulled! We also collected figs, peppers, a zucchini, tomatoes and passion fruit leaves! The colors of the harvest were beautiful and we couldn’t wait to gather them up in bags to go and make some food!


posted: August 11th, 2018

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