Upcoming Events

Earth Day

A look back at our most recent Earth Day Celebration!

Children participated and learned through a passport activity that took them through our tour, including: a device that revealed how plants clean the air, composting, a wormy delight, planting their own food, and “aquaponics”, showing how water supports life with some fishy friends! With this passport in hand, they were on their way to becoming Young Citizen Scientists! It was a bee-utiful day and we were are buzzing with excitement!


Posted: June 1st, 2018

From Dirt to Desks

We have an upcoming event to help prepare our youngsters for the upcoming school year! We are hosting Peace & Unity for Our Community‘s backpack drive. This is an annual school giveaway. Along with the backpacks, there will be a supplies table to fulfill all the necessities of the coming school year.

The only requirement: child(ren) must be present in order for supplies to be picked up.

Let’s make it a fun family event for all! It is being held 10am to 1pm on August 18th. We will have music and delicious food (including a fruit salad and BBQ). Enjoy the festivities, take a pause in the garden, and get together with your neighbors!

And be on the look-out for another exciting upcoming event: Earth’s nothing without ART. A painting spectacle to help beautify and organize the garden with signs. Be on the look out for the Save the Date!

Kid’s Planter


posted: August 10, 2018

Global Food Initiative

Ocean View Growing Grounds hosted the Global Food Initiative Fellows who are representatives from all of the University of California campuses. It was a great day to describe what the purpose and effect the garden does for our community!


posted: August 15th, 2018

Backpack Drive

Don’t forget to join us this Saturday for Peace & Unity for Our Community’s backpack drive! It will be a great day; forecasted to be slightly cloudy, just the way we like it over at the garden. Let us help you with all your school essentials just in time before the kids start hitting the books again!

PDF flyer detailing the event: Back to School Giveaway Aug 2018

posted: August 16th, 2017

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